Modern heroes


As the remittances from Filipinos working and living abroad remain robust, OFW’s innermost feeling was getting frail. Miles away from their family and children, OFW resists loneliness and nostalgia just to provide the needs of their family. Being far away from your loved ones is no joke. Adapting to other country’s culture, practices and dealing with people there is also not an easy thing. They endure different hard situation just to continue supporting the necessity of their family and in most cases, the studies of their children.

There’s no more sorrowful than seeing your children growing-up without you on their side. And it takes a lot of courage and requires a deep reason to leave your family and try your luck in other country.


Have you ever imagined how many OFW skipped their meal just to save money and be able to send bigger amount of money to their family? And how many of them eat plainly without a viand, with tears run down through their faces, thinking that real soon their hardships will fruit success when their beloved children finished their studies?


An OFW Parents like hearing their children’s accomplishments in School, but what they love most is hearing their children’s promise that with God’s help, they will strive to finish their studies and ignore things that may affect their goal like having a girlfriend and being involve in different wrong doings of youth nowadays.


Saying “I love You and I miss you” might be a little thing for you, but not for them. Appreciate their Sacrifices and make them your inspiration instead of being “pabebe” or trying to attract your crush through childish acts which is so! Anyway, I love my mom.

Don’t let their sacrifices put in vain. Do good and get your studies done. Make them proud!

Are you a son of OFW? Cheer-up! and be proud.



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